Bernd Finger wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to create a sysidcfg file to completely avoid configuration 
> screens when booting a newly created zone.
> I found that with OpenSolaris 2008.11, I have to mount a zone, create 
> the /etc/sysidcfg file under the zone's root directory and then unmount 
> the zone again before booting, 

Yes, the zone's root is not mounted except when the zone is running.
You can use 'zoneadm detach' on the zone which will leave the correct
dataset mounted.  After you make any customizations in the filesystem,
'zoneadm attach' will reattach the zone and unmount the dataset.

> but I am getting syntax errors when 
> trying to configure a system locale or a keyboard entry using supported 
> values as mentioned in 
> .

I just tried a sysidcfg file on a new zone and the settings I used
worked ok.  I'm not sure what settings you are using, so maybe there
is something you are configuring that isn't installed yet.

> What I also discovered is that after zone installation, the package that 
> contains "/usr/bin/locale" (SUNWloc) is not installed in the zone. Could 
> the problem be that one or more packages are missing after the zone 
> installation? If yes - is there maybe an easy workaround?
> I haven't tried yet to add packages in file 
> /usr/lib/brand/ipkg/pkgcreatezone yet - any idea which other packages 
> might be needed (e.g. for the keyboard keyword in /etc/sysconfig)?

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