On Thu 18 Dec 2008 at 11:40AM, Charles Meo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just set up some zones on a V440 to host various applications. I've 
> noticed extremely poor performance untarring various things, characterised 
> by masses of very small io operations:
> Note that this disk is flat out writing ~100 KB/sec, using what appear to 
> be 512b or 1k writes. The identical operation from the same tarball gets 
> around 15MB/sec in the global zone. What on earth is going on here? How do 
> I fix it?

Charles, that is definitely not the expected behavior, so something
is amiss.

So is the zone on a different UFS filesystem than the global zone's
/ filesystem, or sharing the same filesystem?  I was wondering if
perhaps you've got some odd mount option to the ufs filesystem in

Is the filesystem nearly full?  This could cause performance issues.

I think the most revealing test would be to do this: go to the global
zone, navigate into the zone's filesystem hierarchy (as root) and do the
same untar operation, but as the global zone superuser.  Fast?  Or slow?

Essentially, the trick is to figure out if the slowness is related
to the filesystem, or to the zone.  And then to narrow it down from there.


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