I have a system which is running TX on S10u6. It has a global zone and 
just one labelled zone at the moment. For reasons we shan't go into, 
Trusted CDE is the desktop of choice, rather than TJDS.

I can happily log in as root and open dtterm windows within a CDE session.

There is another user configured and the clearance and label of that 
user matches the label of the labelled zone. I can log in as that user 
and get a desktop presented, but if I launch a terminal from the 
workspace menu, the first attempt appear to do nothing, and the second 
produces a pop-up saying "Action failed. Reconnect to Solaris Zone?"

Looking at the log file generated by the labelled zone session, it 
appears that the DISPLAY variable is being set to the host name 
associated with the global zone primary interface, to which the labelled 
zone has no routing.

I have created an all-zones interface, and if I zlogin to the zone and 
set DISPLAY to the host name associated with the all-zones interface, 
xclock displays correctly. (Setting it to localhost appears to work too 
- I notice that the loopback interface is now configured as all-zones too.)

If I set DISPLAY to the hostname of the global zone primary interface, 
xclock fails to connect to the X server. (truss says that connect() on a 
PF_INET6 socket fails with EHOSTUNREACH.)

So it seems to me that I need to arrange for the DISPLAY variable to be 
set to either localhost, or my explicitly created all-zones interface, 
for CDE logins involving the labelled zone.

Questions: am I on the right track, and if so how to achieve this? The 
TX laptop instructions mentions /usr/dt/config/Xinitrc.tjds for TJDS. Is 
there an equivalent for TCDE?


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