Bruno Gillet wrote:

> Are you sure you have configured the unlabeled zone ?
>  From a dtterm as root @ admin_high try to zlogin to your unlabeled
> zone and press return. Don't you have some settings to complete ?

No, "zlogin -C <labelled zone>" just gives a login prompt. The 
experiment I mentioned with xclock was done using zlogin (without -C).
This zone was, however, configured using a sysidcfg file, so I guess 
there may be a problem there.

Within the labelled zone, svc:/system/sysidtool:net, 
svc:/system/sysidtool:system and 
svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default are all marked 'online', so it 
seems healthy.

The sysidcfg file also seems correct according to the documentation:

network_interface=vni0  { hostname=allzones
        netmask= }

I've just found a couple of complaints in /var/log/sysidconfig.log 
within the labelled zone:
sysidconfig: Failure: Unable to determine terminal type
sysidconfig: Failure: Duplicate Entry

Perhaps I should recreate the zone from scratch, before pursuing this 
any further.


> The X11 server is running admin_* so you should not have anything
> to setup in your non global zones.
> HTH,
> Bruno.
> Mike John a écrit :
>> I have a system which is running TX on S10u6. It has a global zone and 
>> just one labelled zone at the moment. For reasons we shan't go into, 
>> Trusted CDE is the desktop of choice, rather than TJDS.
>> I can happily log in as root and open dtterm windows within a CDE 
>> session.
>> There is another user configured and the clearance and label of that 
>> user matches the label of the labelled zone. I can log in as that user 
>> and get a desktop presented, but if I launch a terminal from the 
>> workspace menu, the first attempt appear to do nothing, and the second 
>> produces a pop-up saying "Action failed. Reconnect to Solaris Zone?"
>> Looking at the log file generated by the labelled zone session, it 
>> appears that the DISPLAY variable is being set to the host name 
>> associated with the global zone primary interface, to which the 
>> labelled zone has no routing.
>> I have created an all-zones interface, and if I zlogin to the zone and 
>> set DISPLAY to the host name associated with the all-zones interface, 
>> xclock displays correctly. (Setting it to localhost appears to work 
>> too - I notice that the loopback interface is now configured as 
>> all-zones too.)
>> If I set DISPLAY to the hostname of the global zone primary interface, 
>> xclock fails to connect to the X server. (truss says that connect() on 
>> a PF_INET6 socket fails with EHOSTUNREACH.)
>> So it seems to me that I need to arrange for the DISPLAY variable to 
>> be set to either localhost, or my explicitly created all-zones 
>> interface, for CDE logins involving the labelled zone.
>> Questions: am I on the right track, and if so how to achieve this? The 
>> TX laptop instructions mentions /usr/dt/config/Xinitrc.tjds for TJDS. 
>> Is there an equivalent for TCDE?
>> Thanks
>> Mike
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