A quick google revealed that devzones never came up on this list, so I
thought I'd do an introductions.

Devzone is built on Zones, and allows one to define a base_zone and
then easily make copies of it as and when required via simple
commands. Users do not need to have superuser priviledges, and their
interface is a very simple set of commands (devzone_create,
devzone_enter and devzone_free)

I published an article on OSnews going into more detail..

Devzones has been built and used on Nexenta, but is written in a
opensolaris-distro-agnostic manner. More information on the
sourceforge page

Its primarily been developed by rootard with a few contributions by
myself.. the project isn't big enough to warrant it's own
chatroom/mailing list yet, so if you have any questions, pop over at
#nexenta (http://www.nexenta.org/chat) and look for rootard/anilg

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