David Smith wrote:
> I have about a dozen zones on a system.  During the creation of some of the 
> early zones, I was wondering why my sparse zones were so large.  I found out 
> that the /opt area was being copied, so
> I updated the default template to make /opt an inherited directory for the 
> remaining (about half) the zones on the system.   Now I would like to covert 
> the zones with "full" /opt directories to inherited.  Can this be done fairly 
> easily?    What about patches which may have been applied which affect the 
> /opt area on these zones?  Would it be better to re-install these zones?  Any 
> advise you could recommend about best course of action would be appreciated.


You can't change the inherit-pkg-dir configuration
of a zone after it has been installed.  The inherit-pkg-dir
settings are fundamental to the way that software
is kept in sync between the global and non-global zone.
By setting /opt with an inherit-pkg-dir that means you
always want the sw in the global zone to be exactly
the same in the non-global zone, down to requiring each
patch to be applied to the zone.  Inherit-pkg-dir is
probably not the best way to save space here, unless the
associated behavior is what you really want.  It might
be easier to simply delete the contents out of /opt inside
the zone after it is installed if you want to save space.
The /opt behavior only happens during the initial install
of the zone, after that, /opt is managed independently
when its not an inherit-pkg-dir.  We do have an RFE open
to allow you more flexibility to control this behavior
during zone installation, but that hasn't been implemented

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