For my test zones, I usually don't set a password via /etc/sysidcfg. 
Usually I don't configure ssh to allow root login, and the zones are 
configured with limited network services (secure by default), so I don't 

With build 105 (the one with Crossbow integrated), all of a sudden 
zlogin fails if the zone does not have a root password. The error is an 
incorrect password type of message.

# zlogin master
[Connected to zone 'master' pts/4]
Login incorrect

So does logging in on the console. The error messages for this on the 
console are:

Jan  5 15:04:33 master login: pam_unix_account: zlogin: empty password 
not allowed for account root from local host
Jan  5 15:04:33 master login: login account failure: Permission denied

Is this intentional, or a side effect (especially for zlogin)? I looked 
for a flag day and did not find one. Not sure how long this has been 
happening. I don't remember it with 101[a]. If not intentional, I can 
file a bug.

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