Pascal Fortin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I guess the answer is no but i want to have your opinion on this stuff. Is 
> there 
> a way to guarantee a minimum amount of memory for the global zone? This is to 
> prevent all memory being catched by other zones and eventually you can't do 
> anything to free this memory. Due to the shortage of memory, you can't even 
> log 
> in to the machine. I'm aware of memory capping but this is a little bit 
> different.
> Feel free to share your thoughts about this stuff.

We currently don't have a way to reserve a set of
memory for a zone, so the best you can do is always
set the memory caps on each zone to ensure that there
is still plenty of memory left for the global zone.
Can you describe the environment you're in where this
won't be sufficient?  Are these actively hostile zones?
Is this system overprovisioned so that there is just not
enough memory?

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