Pascal Fortin wrote:
> If you have a system with a fixed number of zones, you can distribute the 
> total 
> amount of memory to the zones except what you want to reserve. If you don't 
> know 
> how many zones you will have or on which system your zone will be run, you 
> can't 
> easily manage how many memory you will cap to your zone. Also, when you use 
> memory cap, you have to do it for each zone and it's a pretty workload when 
> you 
> have 800 zones in production. It could be better to have, let say, a kernel 
> parameter to reserve memory. It's a reverse thinking. The zones won't be 
> allowed 
> to go up to the memory cap but not beyond what it will be reserved for the 
> global zone.
> Thanks for the discussion we have,

One RFE we have related to this is:

6543082 zonecfg should allow specification of some resources as
         percentage of system total

I actually wrote the code for this a while back, but I haven't
had time to finish the work to get it integrated.  I was trying
to do that as part of a larger effort, but maybe I'll try to get it
putback as a standalone fix.

The project for memory sets is:

PSARC 2000/350 Physical Memory Control

but since it requires a major rewrite of the VM system, it is
unclear when this might be available.

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