What version of solaris are you using, and which procedures have you attempted?

Are you attempting to forward X11 to the global zone by:

  global$  ssh -X <local zone ip>
  local$ xterm


  global$ ssh <local zone ip>
  local$ export DISPLAY=<global zone ip:#>
  local$ xterm

For the former, you could be hitting:


You also need to (in the global zone) enable x11 forwarding in 
/etc/ssh/sshd_config, restart the ssh service, and re-ssh into the local zone.

For the latter, you need to allow incoming x11 connections in the global zone.

# svccfg -s x11-server setprop options/tcp_listen = true
restart x11 by logging out/logging into X session.
Allow incoming x11 connections via "host +" command or similar.
Connect to local zone (probably via ssh) and export DISPLAY.

Of course, both methods assume that you can ssh from the global to to a local 
zone.  If the local
zone has no networking configured, this will not work.
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