Is there any way to create non-legacy, canmount=yes filesystems with
set mountpoints for a zone prior to zoneadm install?

I'm trying to do some zone creation automation, and one of the things
is a per-zone, writable /usr/local (yes it's not 'standard' but then I
can count on one hand the number of packages that properly install in
/opt, so not even worth going there).  The current solution I've been
doing is something like this:

zfs create pool/zones/<zonename>
chmod 700 pool
zfs create -o mountpoint=none pool/zones/fs

zonecfg -z zonename
add dataset
    set name = rpool/zones/fs

zoneadm -z zonename install

(tweak a few files under /zones/<zonename>/root prior to initial boot)

zlogin -z zonename -C
<run through sysid cfg>

zfs create -o mountpoint=/usr/local rpool/zones/<zonename>/fs/local
zfs create -o mountpoint=/export rpool/zones/<zonename/fs/export
zfs create rpool/zones/<zonename>/fs/export/home
... and so on

However, since some packages install into /usr/local (again it's
something that has to be dealt with), it would be desirable to have
/usr/local available during the zoneadm install process.  But as far
as I can tell, you cannot set the mountpoint property (without setting
canmount to no or noauto) until the zone is running (and only then
within the zone).

Any ideas?
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