> You can add multiple physicals to a shared stack zone, they are
> just added as logicals. You need the underlying interface plumbed
> in the global zone though. An exclusive stack doesn't know anything
> about other zones' network configuration.

OK, I'm beginning to see.  Like this, you mean?

global zone:
plumb e1000g1
plumb e1000g2

zone1: e1000g1:1

zone2: e1000g2:1

ip_restrict_interzone_loopback = 0
traffic from zone1 <-> zone2 shunted internally

ip_restrict_interzone_loopback = 1, cabled to a switch
traffic from zone1 <-> zone2 forced out the NIC, and observable with snoop

> One issue would be if the ill for source and destination
> was the same then we would still send via loopback.

You mean if zone1 and zone2 were plumbed on e1000g1:1, and e1000g1:2,
traffic will never be observable no matter what.  I can live with

Did I get this right?

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