On 01/23/09 14:41, Matt Walburn wrote:
> Zones Group,
> A colleague and I have been trying to find a definitive answer for a Zones 
> networking question as we're trying to solidify how we backup large Oracle 
> databases running inside of Zones.
> Basically the scenario is this: If I Initiate a client backup from the local 
> zone to the "storage node" software running in the global zone, and they 
> share their ethernet interface - no shared IP instance - does the backup 
> traffic hit the physical wire? Or, does it stay inside the kernel/memory... 
> thereby achieving a very fast in memory transfer to the backup server running 
> in the global zone?
> Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help!
> -Matthew

The traffic must not go out the ethernet interface if using the single 
interface you mentioned. Otherwise it would be an spec violation as 
ethernet frames going to the switch can't be sent directly back to the 

You mention not using shared IP, yet only one interface.

I mention that since if you were to configure VNICs on a single physical 
interface, the same rules apply, even if the zones are configured with 
exclusive IP Instances. The VNIC 'switch' will not have frames leave the 

Actually, the more I read the question, the more confused I am. Are the 
zones on the same IP subnet? Are you using one NIC *and* using exclusive 
IP Instances (ip-type=exclusive)? If not using VNICs (SX-CE 105) are you 
using VLANs?


PS. for some scenarios with VNICs or VLANs, see blogs.sun.com/stw/
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