Christine Tran wrote:
>> # umount /zones/web/root
> Not working for me.
> r...@ender:/# umount /zones/web/root
> cannot unmount '/zones/web/root': No such file or directory
> r...@ender:/# zfs umount rpool/zones/web/ROOT/zbe
> cannot unmount 'rpool/zones/web/ROOT/zbe': legacy mountpoint
> use umount(1M) to unmount this filesystem
> I'm stuck, mount thinks it's there but it's not really there.

Well, that might be the reason why it
didn't get unmounted when the zone was halted.
You could either debug this in the kernel to
see why umount is failing, even though this
is in the mnttab, or you could simply reboot
to clean things up.

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