Geoff Shipman wrote:
> Hello All,
> I attached a NGZ that was from an alternate system to a Update 6 system
> using the -u option.  The NGZ is sparse but I don't think a whole root
> would behave much differently.   The update worked and the NGZ was
> attached but I noted that the kernel revision via uname -a was the new
> version but a showrev -p for that patch ID does not show the patch
> "installed".  The global side does show the kernel patch as installed.
> Is this expected behavior ?.   I noted that the /etc/release was not
> updated reflecting the new kernel environment the NGZ was running
> under.  This lack of update to /etc/release though is not expected as
> only an upgrade or fresh install modifies that entry.

This is:

6715679 update on attach should update etc/release file

which is fixed in S10u7.

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