Thanks for the update on the /etc/release file.  The customer is more
concerned regarding the kernel patch info not listed in the NGZ.  

>From uname output in the NGZ we can see the kernel matches the global
value.  Its the lack of showrev -p data for that kernel revision that
customer is concerned with.



>From Global zone.
# uname -a
SunOS plnvssun1sbo12 5.10 Generic_138888-01 sun4v sparc
plnvssun1sbo12# showrev -p|grep 138888-01
Patch: 138888-01 Obsoletes: 126264-01, 128340-01, 137106-01,
137278-01, 138106-02, 138114-01, 138850-01 Requires: 118833-36,
120011-14, 127127-11, 137137-09 Incompatibles:  Packages: SUNWcsu,
SUNWcsl, SUNWckr, SUNWcakr, SUNWmdb, SUNWhea, SUNWcslr, SUNWust1

>From newly update attached NGZ.
# zlogin spslogger01
[Connected to zone 'spslogger01' pts/2]
Last login: Thu Jan 29 11:06:17 on pts/2

spslogger01# uname -a
SunOS spslogger01 5.10 Generic_138888-01 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200
spslogger01# showrev -p|grep 138888-01

On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 07:40, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
> Geoff Shipman wrote:
> > Hello All,
> > 
> > I attached a NGZ that was from an alternate system to a Update 6
> system
> > using the -u option.  The NGZ is sparse but I don't think a whole
> root
> > would behave much differently.   The update worked and the NGZ was
> > attached but I noted that the kernel revision via uname -a was the
> new
> > version but a showrev -p for that patch ID does not show the patch
> > "installed".  The global side does show the kernel patch as
> installed.
> > 
> > Is this expected behavior ?.   I noted that the /etc/release was not
> > updated reflecting the new kernel environment the NGZ was running
> > under.  This lack of update to /etc/release though is not expected
> as
> > only an upgrade or fresh install modifies that entry.
> This is:
> 6715679 update on attach should update etc/release file
> which is fixed in S10u7.
> Jerry
Geoff Shipman - (303) 272-9955
Systems Technology Service Center - Operating System
Solaris and Network Technology Domain
Americas Systems Technology Service Center

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