Geoff Shipman wrote:
> Jerry,
> I received update they did not use a force option to the attach just the
> -u.  They noted that no log file was created in the
> /var/sadm/system/logs directory of the NGZ.   
> This attach was stymied originally by a Veritas package VRTSat that had
> patch 117499-02 with garbage characters in the obsoletes field of the
> pkginfo file.  Once they followed Symantecs instructions on removal of
> the patch and access a clean version from the Symantec ftp site the
> attach went OK, allowing the zoneadm attach to recreate the SUNWdetach
> information.
> The NGZ still shows garbage in the pkginfo information for VRTSat from
> the showrev -p data and the kernel patch 138888-01 is not listed in the
> showrev output.
> I asked them to detach the NGZ and run the attach -u again after
> removing the SUNWdetach.xml to see if this time they get a log file
> created.

Just about the first thing that the update on attach does is
create the log file, so if there isn't one, then I'm not really
sure what they did or how the zone could have ended up in the
installed state.  Clearly something went wrong here so its hard
to draw any conclusions about the state of the pkg metadata
at this point.  If this is reproducible, then we can dig into
it further.  It sounds like the pkg metadata is still corrupted
in the NGZ due to the bad pkg?  Cleaning that up might help
things, but it would be nice to see whats really going on during
the whole process.

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