Many thanks. The papers in the link from James Carlson provide valuable insight 
into the Live Upgrade process, especially relating to issues we have been 
experiencing with upgrading non-global zones.

Rob McDonald

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> > Can anyone explain what a scratch zone is or point me to a relevant 
> > document?

In addition to the above CR, see:

A "scratch zone" is a mechanism that allows us to mount up a zone that
exists in an alternate boot environment (a separate system root).  The
zone can't be booted (it's not known whether all of the bits,
including configuration, inside are runnable on the current kernel),
but it's possible to make processes enter the zone, and common
directories (such as /usr and /lib) have lofs mounts from the running
system to allow some limited work to be done.

Scratch zones are used as part of the upgrade process.  They're
intentionally undocumented, because they're meant to be an internal
design detail.

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