Here is what I tried in my OS Virtual Box image:

- created 2 zones (

- installed GlassFish in /usr/glassfish

- created another zone

In all the zones, /usr/glassfish is not visible.

Manually created /usr/foo and even that's not visible in any of the zones.

What could be wrong with my setup ?


James Carlson wrote:
Jeff Victor writes:
Is it a sparse-root zone or a whole-root zone? It should be visible in
a sparse-root, but a whole-root zone has its own separate copy of

Even with whole-root, I think something that delivers to /usr ought to
(with the current SysV packaging system) have flags set such that it's
delivered to all zones in the same way.  Otherwise, I don't think the
packaging tools know enough to know when something should be common
and when it shouldn't.

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