As one of the remaining core contributors of the BrandZ community, I give a +1 to the proposed merger.

The recent work with Etude has made BrandZ a more general technology that aligns more closely with the framework of the general Zones community.

However, as I've been trying to do with the PowerPC and Emerging Platform communities, I suggest that BrandZ be made a project under the Zones CG.

That would allow the brandz-discuss mailing list to belong to some entity after the BrandZ CG is dissolved so that the entire zones-discuss list need not be bothered with questions or concerns that specifically target BrandZ.

On the other hand, given Etude is such an integral part of zones now, it may simply be that all zones-discuss members should be aware of any brandz-discuss concerns.

Regardless, I think the brandz-discuss email address should remain, even if as nothing more than an alias to zones-discuss.

I'll let the Zones CG sort the details. :-)

        -- Bill
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