I would like to nominate myself as a Core Contributor, having implemented several zones features (labeled zones, defrouter, cross-zone FIFOs, etc.). FYI, Trusted Extensions is also using branded zones at this time and has an active case to for a new brand called "labeled". I am currently a Core Contributor in the Security Community, and active in the Zones community,


Dan Price wrote:
(Credit to Alan Coopersmith and Liane-- from whom I've cribbed some of this)

OGB election season is approaching again, so it's time to begin our annual
review of Contributor & Core Contributor grants for the Zones community.
See "BACKGROUND" below for more background on this process.

At this time I would also like to propose that we merge the BrandZ and
Zones communities.  These two activities are interrelated, and it's
easiest if I start with the merger first.


All contributor grants for the BrandZ community are due to expire this month.

I would like to propose the merger of the BrandZ community into the Zones
community at this time.  This is in some ways reflective of the work done
in the past two years by Jerry Jelinek to broaden the scope of the BrandZ
infrastructure.  Today, all zones are branded (even "native" ones).  And
the same team now owns the charter for both technologies.

Having spoken to several of the core contributors of the zones community,
the BrandZ community, and to an OGB member, I am at this time recommending
that we utilize article 7.12 ("Termination", see below) of the OpenSolaris
Constitution, and allow all of the contributor grants in the BrandZ
community to expire.  This will terminate the community.

The communities will forward to the OGB their recommendation that, under
article 7.12, the BrandZ community's contents should be merged with the
Zones community.  We will ensure that web content related to BrandZ is not
lost, and the brandz-discuss mailing list will continue on.  That is to
say, except for less bureaucratic overhead, everything will be the same as
before.  The zones community will take extend sponsorship to all projects
sponsored by the BrandZ community.  No specific changes to the "project"
structure are proposed here, only a reparenting.

For reference, article 7.12 states:

        7.12. Termination. A Community Group is terminated by act of
        the OGB or by reduction of its named Core Contributors to a
        number less than three (3).  Upon termination, the OGB may
        re-initiate the Community Group with a new set of Core
        Contributors or reassign the resources that were assigned to
        the Community Group, such as mailing lists, forums, and website
        information, to the at-large community or to some other
Community Group of the OGB's choosing. (http://opensolaris.org/os/community/ogb/governance)


The current grants for the zones and BrandZ communities are as follows.
All grants are due to expire this month.

login      name              Status        Community
allan      Allan McKillop    core contrib  zones
annt       Ann Togasaki      core contrib  zones
dp         Daniel Price      core contrib  zones
comay      David Comay       core contrib  zones
gjelinek   Jerry Jelinek     core contrib  zones
mgerdts    Mike Gerdts       core contrib  zones
stevelaw   Steve Lawrence    core contrib  zones
jeffv      Jeff Victor       contributor   zones
pcotten    Penelope Cotten   contributor   zones
richlowe   Richard Lowe      contributor   zones
edp        Edward Pilatowicz core contrib  brandz
nilsn      Nils Nieuwejaar   core contrib  brandz
rab        Russell Blaine    core contrib  brandz
kucharsk   William Kucharski core contrib  brandz
ahl        Adam H. Leventhal contributor   brandz
jcm        Jerri-Ann Meyer   contributor   brandz
hannken    Jurgen Hannken-Illj contrib.    brandz
kirk       Kirk Wells        contributor   brandz

Based on recent contributions, I would like to propose the following
for the resultant merged community.  This is a *proposal*.  I would like

login      name              Status        Reason
comay      David Comay       Emeritus      former zones team lead, former CC
dp         Daniel Price      Core Contrib  Renew, still active
gjelinek   Jerry Jelinek     Core Contrib  Renew, still active
stevelaw   Steve Lawrence    Core Contrib  Renew, still active
jeffv      Jeff Victor       Core Contrib  Upgrade, Zones FAQ, Advocacy
pcotten    Penelope Cotten   Core Contrib  Upgrade, Docs author, Zones FAQ
edp        Ed Pilatowicz     Core Contrib  New, Code cont, BrandZ core contrib
flippedb   Jordan Vaughan    Core Contrib  New, Code contributions
richlowe   Richard Lowe      Contributor   Renew
menno      Menno Lageman     Contributor   New, Code contrib, work on Rsrc mgmt.
mgerdts    Mike Gerdts       Contributor   Former core contributor
kucharsk   William Kucharski Contributor   New, BrandZ core contributor
nilsn      Nils Nieuwejaar   Contributor   New, BrandZ core contributor
rab        Russell Blaine    Contributor   New, BrandZ core contributor
ahl        Adam H. Leventhal Contributor   New, BrandZ contributor
hannken    Jurgen Hannken-Illje Contrib.   New, BrandZ contributor
jcm        Jerri-Ann Meyer   Contributor   New, BrandZ contributor
kirk       Kirk Wells        Contributor   New, BrandZ contributor

I would appreciate additional nominations.  I've undoubtedly overlooked
someone and don't mean to give offense.

For Core Contributor approval, each nominee must receive +1's (votes in
favor) from at least 3 existing Core Contributors, and no -1's (votes
against) from any existing Core Contributors, as well as accept their

Does anyone have any other nominations for either Contributor or Core
Contributor?  (Please nominate yourself either publicly or privately if
I've overlooked you.)

I vote +1 for all of the above, and +1 for the proposal to merge.


As a reminder, in the current system, anyone who contributes in either
code or other activities is named a Contributor, which doesn't expire.
Those who are deemed by the community to have contributed most, and who
agree to it, can be named Core Contributors. Core Contributor status
expires after two years, but can be renewed if the contribution level is
still present.

When formal votes are taken, either of the Zones community or of the
OpenSolaris community as a whole (such as votes to name Contributors/Core
Contribs, or the annual OGB elections), only Core Contributors get to cast

(If this sounds overcomplicated, then you're in agreement with the OGB,
who is working on a proposed overhaul to the OpenSolaris Constitution to
simplify this, as well as splitting voting rights in a community group.
See ogb-discuss mail & the OGB Agendas/Minutes for more details there.)


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