Octave Orgeron wrote:
> Ben Rockwood wrote:
> pol.barthel...@sun.com wrote:
> > Hello,
> > It is supported to move  zones from a sun4u to a sun4v or 
> vice-versa ?
> I'm not certain if its "supported", but it does work.
> This should work fine for zones, but I would recommend 
> installing a full oem build on the global zone to be sure. 
> However, with LDoms it's a little harder as the platform 
> differences matter between T1, T2, and T2+ matters.

As an alternative to installing the full OEM cluster, you can install just the 
sun4v architecture packages on the sun4u machine (and sun4u on the sun4v 
machine) as described at 

As with any zone movement, the packages and patches must match on the source 
and destination systems before Solaris 10u6 where Upgrade on Attach was 
introduced. (unless you go all the way back to s10 GA, where zones didn't have 
such checks)

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