On Mon 16 Feb 2009 at 09:27PM, Detlef Drewanz wrote:
> Hi,
> playing around with Zones on OpenSolaris 2008.11 I have seen that 
> /usr/lib/brand/ipkg/pkgcreatezone is responsible to find out which 
> packages belong to a zone and will be installed. This list seems to be 
> extended by the script line by line for a more or less complete list.
> I would like to have a config option from zoneadm to extend this list 
> of packages to install by the administrator. In that list one could 
> put all the packages he likes to be installed within "zoneadm install" 
> of a non-global zone.
> It's better to extend that list by an option than to modify that 
> pkgcreatezone file (what I have seen from discussions from others to 
> do so). Any comments ?


Yes-- it's on my list of things to add.  If you cruise over to
defect.opensolaris.org you can file an RFE.

You're also welcome to submit, with your RFE, a proposed patch
to the script--- that'll probably help things get done faster...


Daniel Price, Solaris Kernel Engineering    http://blogs.sun.com/dp
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