On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 4:09 PM, Derek McEachern
<derekmceach...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We are in the process of deploying applications into zones and I've been 
> looking at how to monitor what each zone is up to regarding resource usage.
> I downloaded the zonestat.pl script to play around with and out of the box it 
> didn't actually give me any zone specific information.
> After poking around the code it turns out it won't break out any zone level 
> details unless resource pooling is enabled. We are deploying  our zones
> without resource restrictions.

This is a known problem with v1.3. I am working on v1.3.1 which will
fix that problem.

As a temporary workaround: does it work correctly if you enable pools
and don't configure any?

GZ# svcadm enable pools
GZ# svcadm enable pools/dynamic

> I hacked the script to get around this problem for now but is this a feature 
> we can get added to the baseline?  Jeff, how are  changes handled to this
> script since you appear to the owner?

To make a contribution to the OpenSolaris community, first you would
register as a contributor. The other option is to request a specific
change in behavior, and I will try to get to it promptly.

However, please understand (as the project web pages state) that this
is a prototype to help us learn what a 'real' zonestat should do. The
'real' zonestat would be written in C or D for improved functionality
and considerably better performance. This Perl script consumes a great
deal of CPU cycles.

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