Just had a look at the FAQ and found this:

Q: Can a zone be an NTP server?
A: Because the NTP server software also sets the time clock, which a 
non-global zone cannot be allowed to do, a zone cannot be an NTP server. 
(June 2005) 

What about client? If I don't enable ntp in a non-global zone, is it 
sufficient to enable it in the global zone? If I do set up a client, I get 

Can't adjust time: Not owner

But ntpq -p works fine and shows it is talking.

My suggestions are that 1. xntpd should detect that it's in a zone, and 
either quit squawking or stop trying to set the time, or 2. that it should 
 just exit as quietly as possible--as long as the time gets set somehow.

The current 'solution' of letting it sort of run and spew out loads of 
warnings strikes me as half-baked. Isn't this a bug?

What is best practice here?


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