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Hi Mike
The netmask is /24.


This implies that you have three different subnets and you either have
three distinct cables going to the machine or you are using three

In the global zone you will have "" in /etc/defaultrouter.

In zone1's zone configuration, you will have a network configured like
the following (assuming VLAN 10 tagged on on e1000g0):

zonecfg:zone1> info net
        physical: e1000g10000

In zone2's zone configuration, you will have something like (assuming
VLAN 20 tagged on e1000g0):

zonecfg:zone1> info net
        physical: e1000g20000

This could also work if they are all on a single 'data link' as seen by 'dladm show-link', although I only do that in my play situations.


specifically [10] in section 5.

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Hi Gurus

I need to setup zones as shown below.
Zone1: 10.10.10.X with default router
Zone2: 10.10.20.X with default router And Global zone
10.10.30.X with default router

Is this achievable. As shown above, I need the zones to have a
separate default router than  the default router for the global zone.

I don't have the luxury of using dedicated ports to achieve this.
Any suggestions/workarounds are greatly appreciated.
What is the netmask?  That is, the story is completely different between:




If it is the second, then you are dealing with three distinct subnets
and life is much easier.   If you really only have one subnet, I'm not
sure there is a solution.

Mike Gerdts

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