We were getting hit by developers constantly asking for "what box is hosting 
our container xyz?"
We kept telling them it doesn't matter (all the boxes hosting containers are 
the same - at least for now).
We sent them spreadsheets with the mappings of global-zone host to 

None of these seemed to work.

Finally, we thought, hey, why not give them a simple tool to find out.

We touched a file in each non-global-zone called /etc/gzname, then modified the 
zone's config to lofs mount /etc/nodename from the global-zone to /etc/gzname 
within the non-global-zones, read-only.

We game them the filename, with simple enough inscructions on how to read.

In many cases, they modified their PS1 to show the contents of 
/etc/gzname:/etc/nodename as part of their prompts.

We no longer get pinged or bothered (or if we do, we send them packing to their 
co-workers to get trained).
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