I think Andrew was looking for how to upgrade the Solaris 8 system AFTER it had 
migrated to a container as you describe.  As far as I'm aware there's nothing 
that can currently do this.  In the future you'll be able to live upgrade the 
physical system to Solaris 10 and then use the Native Zone p2v process to 
migrate it to a solaris 10 container.  Unfortunatley though, I've not noticed 
any talk of providing a Solaris 8/9 branded zone after the upgrade to a Native 
Solaris 10 zone.


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        Hi Andrew,

Le 26 févr. 09 à 18:30, Andrew Dibbins a écrit :

> Hi,
> So we've encouraged people, to move away from native hardware running 
> Solaris 8 or 9, to Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 containers running on top of 
> Solaris 10. So  how do we get from Solaris 8 containers.
> Do we have any documentation, discussion material about upgrading from 
> Solaris 8 containers to 10containers, can LU help?

No LU...flar can !

Just take the Solaris 8 container documentation and follow the steps.


You have to download a "S8 container" kit. Depending on which release of 
Solaris 10 you're running, you may have to reboot your global zone to activate 
this brandz type of zone.

Remember that you can't expect support from SUn support channel without buying 
a particular contract.

And be careful ! It works like a charm...it's pretty amazing as too many 
companies claims that their "virtual blabla" let IT departments virtualize 
anything, anywhere. In the real world ? Ah ah ! It's a really another story.

Solaris containers...taste it, love it, and come back to the best  
OS !   :)


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