Le 27 févr. 09 à 23:05, Maidak Alexander J a écrit :

I think Andrew was looking for how to upgrade the Solaris 8 system AFTER it had migrated to a container as you describe. As far as I'm aware there's nothing that can currently do this. In the future you'll be able to live upgrade the physical system to Solaris 10 and then use the Native Zone p2v process to migrate it to a solaris 10 container. Unfortunatley though, I've not noticed any talk of providing a Solaris 8/9 branded zone after the upgrade to a Native Solaris 10 zone.

        You're right.
        Sorry Andrew.

        Hum. I see the move as a "curious" idea.

The best to do is to take your time to migrate your apps to a S10 container, not to upgrade from S8 to S10.


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