On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 5:36 AM, Stewart Mathieson
<stewart.mathie...@sun.com> wrote:
> IHAC who is using the Solaris Migration Tools/Solaris 8 Container and the
> licence agreement in the download talks about only being a 90 day evaluation
> RTU licence
> https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/CDS-CDS_SMI-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewLicense-Start
> Its very unclear if the 90 day limit mentioned in section 3 a) will apply 
> here. I know that if my customer wants support then they have to pay for a
> subscription etc but if they just download and use containers will they find 
> that the solaris 8 containers stops working after 90 days?

The license statement was intended to be very clear about the message
"you (or 'your customer') can use the Solaris 8 Containers software
legally for a 90-day trial period. To continue legally using the
software on that system, after that period, you ('they') need to
purchase the combination License/Support Contract." The last item is
one part number.

Whether it stops working after 90 days should be irrelevant. If they
want to use it past that point, they need a License/Support contract.
If they don't want to use it, they shouldn't care if it stops working,

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