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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 3:58 PM, elkhaoul elkhaoul <elkha...@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Yes, you can set up ressources (CPUs caps, memory/swap, fs, net,...) after
you create a zone. and It requires a reboot.

That is not correct. You can change resource controls of a zone while
it is running.

For example, to change the maximum amount of RAM a zone can use while
the zone runs, you can do enter this from the global zone, as root:

rcapadm -z myzone -m 50m

I have attached a slide which shows the two methods for each resource
control - the name of the control in zonecfg(1M) and the beginning of
the command to use while the zone runs.

So you can change some of the resource controls using the core Solaris utilities.

Same thing for file system, IP addresses (shared IP). I don't think you can add a new data link to a running zone if exclusive IP (same as you have to reboot for any other device addition).

I have wondered whether there is an RFE for an interface to zonecfg or probably more likely zoneadm, to apply these changes now automatically, instead of having to know all the OS commands (ifconfig addif, mount -F lofi, rcapadm, prctl, etc.).

Thanks for the cheat sheet on the resource stuff--I need to write this on the inside of my eye lids so I have it 'handy'.


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