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121430-33 (or higher) supports ZFS root with ZFS zonepaths (each in their own zpools). Been testing this extensively as a POC and it works, lucreate plus patching.

This is a really GOOD NEWS ! I just want to sing or dance, or anything like that !

Fixed in 121430-33:
6742586 lucreate cannot migrate zone from ufs to zfs if the zone root is at the top of a filesystem 6748777 cannot upgrade u5 with zones on zfs to u6, errors from luactivate
6750930 lucopy fails to copy all files to non-global zones
6759266 lucreate (ufs root) on a system with zone with zfs dataset will fail

Yeah !!!

We did file bug 6819838 on preservation of mountpoint settings after lucreate when set at the zfs level vs. zpool level, but other than that pleased with the functionality. I believe the restriction is that you MUST use ZFS root and not UFS root w/ ZFS zones.

That's cool.

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