he...@antigone:~# cat /etc/release
                       OpenSolaris 2008.11 snv_101b_rc2 X86
           Copyright 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
                        Use is subject to license terms.
                           Assembled 19 November 2008

Renaud Manus wrote:

Are you sure this is a os2008.11 system ? Because, the mount point
refers to something S10 standard upgrade or live-upgrade would create...

-- Renaud

solarg wrote:
hello all,
my server is os2008.11, and i've the problem described here:

i'm unable to mount the zone due to this error:
he...@antigone:~# zoneadm -z www mount
zone 'www': /zones/www/lu/a/local/www/INTRALIF/ is not a canonical path
zone 'www': /zones/www/lu/a/local/www/INTRALIF/ is not a valid mount point
zoneadm: zone 'www': call to zoneadmd failed

even if zoneadmd failed, the fs /zones/www/root is mounted yet:
he...@antigone:~# mount -p|grep www
rpool/zones/www/ROOT/zbe - /zones/www/root zfs - no rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,xattr,atime

i have to do:  "umount /zones/www/root" manually

I don't understand why it doesn't want to mount the directory:
he...@antigone:~# grep intralif /etc/zones/www.xml
<filesystem special="/sites/intralif" directory="/local/www/INTRALIF/" type="lofs">
he...@antigone:~# zfs list |grep intralif
rpool/export/www/intralif 18K 19.7G 18K /sites/intralif

anybody can help?

thanks in advance,


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