Hello Bart,

thanks for your suggestion... but I have another question

using the suggested prxmap struct I can obtain the private memory usage for 
each process, but I will lose all the information about the shared memory....

let me better explain the problem with an example:
Zone_1 -> Process_A -> Memory: 100 MB (90 shared + 10 private)
Zone_2 -> Process_B -> Memory: 150 MB (90 shared + 60 private)

in this way I'll say that in Zone_1 there are 10 MB used and in Zone_2 there 
are 60 MB used.... but in which zone I should sum the shared MBs? 
Is there a way to use some API in order to collect the memory usage of each 
zone from the global zone in order to avoid this kind of problem?

Thanks in advance
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