Ben Rockwood wrote:
So I'm perplexed how this service could wind up in the zone-- unless the
variant isn't getting set properly in the image?  Or perhaps the mixing
of a very new version of SUNWipkg with older repository contents is causing
this to not work right...  I'm not certain.

Stated earlier, I'm using the 89 Dev repository on SX:CE snv_89.  Thats
my issue.  We can see that Mike used the same method I did but he did it
on 108 and had a much cleaner experience.

My hunch at this point is that anything 98 or newer should be pain free,
but I think 101 (to align with 2008.11) is probly a safer bet.

To follow up to Dan's question and your response.

Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought you were using
a hacked up install script that was actually installing
the global zone image into the zone.  That would explain
why you're not getting the right zone variants and have
to fix up the SMF services.

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