On Thu 23 Apr 2009 at 03:16PM, Ben Rockwood wrote:
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> >> Excellent!  That explains things.  I know that syseventd doesn't run in
> >> zones, but in the past I've seen SMF scripts simply exiting if it was in
> >> a ngz, I wasn't sure how this was handled. 
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> > Well, it doesn't actually explain why you're in this situation.
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> I missed you too Dan.  Still got that charm.
> My hunch at this point is that anything 98 or newer should be pain free,
> but I think 101 (to align with 2008.11) is probly a safer bet.

So it turns out that you've stumbled upon a previously undiscovered
bug in our zone support in pkg(5).  Thanks for finding this.
The summary is that variant-aware versions of SUNWipkg don't honor
the older opensolaris.zone={global|non-global} tags.  The introduction
of variants altered those tags (in builds published since then) as

        opensolaris.zone=global --> variant.opensolaris.zone=global

Normally this would be OK because we introduced variant support along
with publication of variant tags at the same time, IIRC in build 106,
when SPARC support came in.

However, we will eventually have to backpublish the current version of
SUNWipkg into the 'release' repo in order to allow folks running on
release to update to the next significant release version (2009.H1 as
it's being called).  And it's this same mixing of old and new which is
causing you problems here.

If you run on 106+ all should be well.  Bart is doing us a favor and
looking into how to fix this.  In all likelihood we'll teach the
packaging client to recognize that opensolaris.zone=global is present,
but that variant.opensolaris.zone=global is missing, and to then
fill in what is missing.

I've filed http://defect.opensolaris.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=8392 to
cover this issue.  If you monitor the status, it'll let you know when it
makes sense to pull a new version of the pkg-gate and try out the fix.

Thanks guys!


Daniel Price, Solaris Kernel Engineering    http://blogs.sun.com/dp
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