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JJ> I would like to propose a project to be sponsored by
JJ> the zones community.  This project would create a
JJ> solaris10 branded zone for use on OpenSolaris.

JJ> We will use the BrandZ infrastructure to deliver a
JJ> solaris10 brand.  This will be provided as an adoption
JJ> and compatibility aid to enable users currently
JJ> running S10 to easily adopt OpenSolaris while also continuing
JJ> to run their S10 software within branded zones.

JJ> As with the existing solaris8 and solaris9 brands on Solaris 10,
JJ> this project will provide a 'physical to virtual' (p2v) capability
JJ> that can migrate an existing S10 software stack on a physical
JJ> system into a solaris10-branded zone running on a OpenSolaris system.
JJ> In addition, the project will provide a 'virtual to virtual' (v2v)
JJ> capability that can migrate existing native S10-based zones into
JJ> solaris10-branded zones running on a OpenSolaris system.

JJ> This brand would be available on all architectures that run
JJ> OpenSolaris (sun4u, sun4v and x86).

JJ> We've started working on this in the zones team.  It will be
JJ> hard for the community to actually contribute to the emulation layer
JJ> since the Solaris 10 source code in not open sourced, but we
JJ> would like to have the full source for the brand and its
JJ> emulation be open source and part of OpenSolaris.  The community
JJ> could easily contribute to the p2v & v2v code as well as provide
JJ> feedback on the brand itself.

+1 !!!

Do you plan to provide S10 brand zone on top of Solaris 10 too?
This would much simplify patching and reduce downtimes when S10 zones
are being used under Sun Cluster. Actually when it comes to patching
S8/S9 branded zones are currently easier to deal with than native
zones... IIRC I saw a project proposal to address it - I'm not sure if
it is a separate project or is it under this project or if I have
imagined it...

Best regards,
 Robert Milkowski

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