> The problem I have is when creating shared IP zones on another subnet,
> such as the subnet is unreachable and
> they cannot connet to the outside world through

It can't work this way.  Your zone on will never see because that gateway is not local to it.  Your
defaultrouter has to be on same segment.  You can get around this if
you set up with another interface local to, multi-home your router.  Then you'll have to add
another default route on your global zone.  If you're doing this on
nge0, you'll also have to zone your switch.

> Is there any way to use server0 as a router from inside the shared IP
> zone so that the global zone forwards packets from one subnet to the
> other and be able to reach

Yes, you can do it as described above.  I assume you mean server0 is
your global zone.


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