| On 2009-04-28 15:37:22, Derek McEachern wrote:
| We were trying to bring down a zone on a S10 U4 system and it ended up stuck
| in the shutting_down state.
| ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP
| 74 zonetest-new     shutting_down /zone/zonetest-new             native
| shared
| The only process I see running is the zoneadmd process
| dlet15:/home/derekm/ ps -efZ | grep zonetest-new
|   global    root 12680     1   0   Apr 24 ?           0:02 zoneadmd -z
| zonetest-new

Do any processes (notably shells in the global zones) have an open filehandle
somewhere under the zone's filesystem tree? This can (at least on Sol10) cause
zones to not shut down, since it can't close the FH (I assume, anyway).
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