hello all,
i have a machine with os2008.11 that serves as a web server, and has many zones installed.
I'm surprised by the size of zones:
# zfs list
NAME                                           USED  AVAIL  REFER MOUNTPOINT
rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT/zbe               4.49G  17.9G  7.47G  legacy
rpool/zones/catalogue3/ROOT/zbe                149M  17.9G  6.80G  legacy
rpool/zones/test-drupal/ROOT/zbe               511M  17.9G  5.21G  legacy

on another os2008.11 machine, i created a new zone, and don't notice these high values:
# zfs list
NAME                               USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
rpool/export/catalogue4           4.07M  16.1G    21K  /export/catalogue4
rpool/export/catalogue4/ROOT      4.05M  16.1G    18K  legacy
rpool/export/catalogue4/ROOT/zbe  4.03M  16.1G   235M  legacy

what is the meaning of REFER? can i gain more space?

thanks for help,


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