Dan Price wrote:
On Thu 30 Apr 2009 at 08:29AM, solarg wrote:
hello all,
i have a machine with os2008.11 that serves as a web server, and has many zones installed.
I'm surprised by the size of zones:
# zfs list
NAME                                           USED  AVAIL  REFER MOUNTPOINT
rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT/zbe               4.49G  17.9G  7.47G  legacy
rpool/zones/catalogue3/ROOT/zbe                149M  17.9G  6.80G  legacy
rpool/zones/test-drupal/ROOT/zbe               511M  17.9G  5.21G  legacy

on another os2008.11 machine, i created a new zone, and don't notice these high values:
# zfs list
NAME                               USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
rpool/export/catalogue4           4.07M  16.1G    21K  /export/catalogue4
rpool/export/catalogue4/ROOT      4.05M  16.1G    18K  legacy
rpool/export/catalogue4/ROOT/zbe  4.03M  16.1G   235M  legacy

what is the meaning of REFER? can i gain more space?

thanks for help,


I can make a guess:  I suspect that space in your zones is being
consumed by data which is 'stuck' in zfs snapshots.  Can you do a 'zfs
list -t all'?  You might have an automatic snapshot service turned on,
or have manually made snapshots.

no for automatic snapshots i'm sure

Or you might be using zfs clones?  It would be nice to see the output of:

yes i'm using zfs clones

zfs list -t all -o name,used,refer,origin

he...@antigone:~# zfs list -t all -o name,used,refer,origin
rpool                                                      48.8G    75K  -
rpool/ROOT                                                 4.30G    18K  -
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris 7.34M 2.71G rpool/ROOT/opensolari...@2008-12-12-20:55:37
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-1                                   4.29G  4.06G  -
rpool/ROOT/opensolari...@install                            131M  2.65G  -
rpool/ROOT/opensolari...@2008-12-12-20:55:37                102M  2.71G  -
rpool/dump                                                 4.00G  4.00G  -
rpool/export                                               6.18G    45K  -
rpool/export/catalogue                                      838M   810M  -
rpool/export/catalo...@241208_135510                       25.9M   425M  -
rpool/export/catalo...@koha3                               2.37M   423M  -
rpool/export/catalogue2                                    1.39G  1.38G  -
rpool/export/catalog...@koha3                              2.04M   423M  -
rpool/export/catalog...@koha-3.0.0                         1.51M   430M  -
rpool/export/catalogue3                                     802M   802M  -
rpool/export/catalog...@catalogue3                          399K   802M  -
rpool/export/home                                          1.03G    22K  -
rpool/export/home/annaw                                     676M   676M  -
rpool/export/home/henry                                     383M   383M  -
rpool/export/home/poutrain                                 20.5K  20.5K  -
rpool/export/local                                           18K    18K  -
rpool/export/polynice                                      1.07G    19K  -
rpool/export/polynice/apps                                 1.07G  1.07G  -
rpool/export/test                                            36K    18K  -
rpool/export/test-drupal                                   42.4M  42.4M  -
rpool/export/test/test1                                      18K    18K  -
rpool/export/test_deleg                                      36K    18K  -
rpool/export/test_deleg/toto                                 18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www                                            946M    18K  -
rpool/export/www/cmi                                         18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/concur03                                    18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/gm3                                        647M   647M  -
rpool/export/www/intralif                                    18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/latp                                       299M   299M  -
rpool/export/www/lif                                         18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/logs                                        18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/mailman                                     18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/src                                         18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/support                                     18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www/webmail                                     18K    18K  -
rpool/export/www2                                           123M    21K  -
rpool/export/www2/chorale.univ-provence.fr                 8.33M  8.33M  -
rpool/export/www2/latp2                                    42.4M  22.3M  -
rpool/export/www2/latp2/sampta09                           20.0M  20.0M  -
rpool/export/www2/www.latp.univ-mrs.fr                     72.7M  68.4M  -
rpool/export/www2/www.latp.univ-mrs...@avantkitcnrs404     4.33M  67.8M  -
rpool/pkg                                                  12.9G  12.9G  -
rpool/sites                                                2.78G   231M  -
rpool/sites/bibcmi.univ-mrs.fr                              398M   158M  -
rpool/sites/bibcmi.univ-mrs...@241208_150817               22.3M   195M  -
rpool/sites/bibcmi.univ-mrs...@avantcorrectionsyndication  9.69M   210M  -
rpool/sites/bibcmi.univ-mrs...@spip-1.9.2.e                91.1M   202M  -
rpool/sites/bibcmi3                                          18K    18K  -
rpool/sites/bibcmi4.univ-mrs.fr                            26.0M  26.0M  -
rpool/sites/catalogue.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                        57K    40K  -
rpool/sites/catalogue.cmi.univ-mrs...@koha3                  17K    40K  -
rpool/sites/catalogue2.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                       57K    40K  -
rpool/sites/catalogue2.cmi.univ-mrs...@koha3                 17K    40K  -
rpool/sites/catalogue3.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                       40K    40K  -
rpool/sites/logs                                           1.91G  1.25G  -
rpool/sites/logs/bibcmi.univ-mrs.fr                         676M   676M  -
rpool/sites/logs/bibcmi3                                     18K    18K  -
rpool/sites/logs/bibcmi4.univ-mrs.fr                         31K    31K  -
rpool/sites/logs/catalogue.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                  170K   138K  -
rpool/sites/logs/catalogue.cmi.univ-mrs...@koha3             32K  33.5K  -
rpool/sites/logs/catalogue2.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                 635K   602K  -
rpool/sites/logs/catalogue2.cmi.univ-mrs...@koha3          32.5K  33.5K  -
rpool/sites/logs/catalogue3.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                  53K    53K  -
rpool/sites/logs/template_zone                               18K    18K  -
rpool/sites/logs/test-drupal.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                443K   443K  -
rpool/sites/template_zone                                    18K    18K  -
rpool/sites/test-drupal.cmi.univ-mrs.fr                    3.27M  3.27M  -
rpool/sites/www.latp.univ-mrs.fr                            231M   224M  -
rpool/sites/www.latp.univ-mrs...@12162008                  6.60M   224M  -
rpool/swap                                                 4.00G    16K  -
rpool/zones                                                14.7G    32K  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi                                         1.57G    37K  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi/ROOT                                    1.57G    18K  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi/ROOT/zbe 1.57G 1.77G rpool/zones/catalogue/ROOT/z...@catalogue_snap
rpool/zones/bibcmi/ROOT/z...@bibcmi3_snap                       0   232M  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi/ROOT/z...@bibcmi_snap                        0   232M  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi/ROOT/z...@bibcmi4_snap                   16.7M   350M  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi4                                         492M    37K  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi4/ROOT                                    492M    18K  -
rpool/zones/bibcmi4/ROOT/zbe 492M 828M rpool/zones/bibcmi/ROOT/z...@bibcmi4_snap
rpool/zones/catalogue                                      3.55G    37K  -
rpool/zones/catalo...@koha3                                  18K    37K  -
rpool/zones/catalogue/ROOT                                 3.55G    18K  -
rpool/zones/catalogue/ROOT/zbe                             3.55G  3.51G  -
rpool/zones/catalogue/ROOT/z...@catalogue_snap              10.7M   232M  -
rpool/zones/catalogue/ROOT/z...@catalogue2_snap             31.3M  3.51G  -
rpool/zones/catalogue2                                     4.52G    37K  -
rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT                                4.52G    18K  -
rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT/zbe 4.52G 7.47G rpool/zones/catalogue/ROOT/z...@catalogue2_snap
rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT/z...@test_drupal_snap            358M  4.75G  -
rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT/z...@catalogue3_snap            85.2M  7.47G  -
rpool/zones/catalogue3                                      149M    37K  -
rpool/zones/catalogue3/ROOT                                 149M    18K  -
rpool/zones/catalogue3/ROOT/zbe 149M 6.66G rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT/z...@catalogue3_snap
rpool/zones/master                                          232M    21K  -
rpool/zones/master/ROOT                                     232M    18K  -
rpool/zones/master/ROOT/zbe                                 232M   232M  -
rpool/zones/master/ROOT/z...@polynice_snap                      0   232M  -
rpool/zones/polynice                                       1.70G    21K  -
rpool/zones/polynice/ROOT                                  1.70G    18K  -
rpool/zones/polynice/ROOT/zbe 1.70G 1.92G rpool/zones/master/ROOT/z...@polynice_snap
rpool/zones/template_zone                                  4.47M    21K  -
rpool/zones/template_zone/ROOT                             4.45M    18K  -
rpool/zones/template_zone/ROOT/zbe 4.43M 235M rpool/zones/bibcmi/ROOT/z...@bibcmi_snap
rpool/zones/test-drupal                                     511M    37K  -
rpool/zones/test-dru...@avantvufind                          18K    37K  -
rpool/zones/test-drupal/ROOT                                511M    18K  -
rpool/zones/test-drupal/ROOT/zbe 511M 5.21G rpool/zones/catalogue2/ROOT/z...@test_drupal_snap
rpool/zones/www                                            1.20G    37K  -
rpool/zones/www/ROOT                                       1.20G    18K  -
rpool/zones/www/ROOT/zbe                                   1.20G  1.15G  -
rpool/zones/www/ROOT/z...@bibcmi3_snap                      12.6M   904M  -
rpool/zones/www/ROOT/z...@template_zone_snap                12.3M   908M  -
rpool/zones/www/ROOT/z...@www2_snap                         7.63M  1.05G  -
rpool/zones/www2                                            790M    37K  -
rpool/zones/www2/ROOT                                       790M    18K  -
rpool/zones/www2/ROOT/zbe 790M 1.80G rpool/zones/www/ROOT/z...@www2_snap

thanks for reply,


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