On Thu 07 May 2009 at 11:41AM, Paul Southerby wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm able to install an Opensolaris zone guest, but
> the guest has about 99 pkgs as opposed to the
> global zone that has about 849 pkgs.


We've made a choice to have zones be minimized by default.

> The 99 pkg zone guest almost works for me.  However,
> when I run "/usr/sbin/netservices open", I'm getting errors.

You can safely ignore those (or file them as bugs against
netservices).  Netservices is trying to enable/disable optional
systems services without testing to see if they are there.

> Anyone know what the missing pkgs are in order
> to get netservices to run correctly?  Or, is there a
> way to easily add the missing 750 pkgs onto the zone
> guest?

'pkg install slim_install' should give you a zone which matches
the contents of the livecd.

In (very) recent builds, you can do:

zoneadm -z myzone install -e slim_install

And that will do everything.

> Also, when I boot up the zone client, I get a lot of network setup
> questions.  Is there a way to boot up the zone client without being
> asked all these questions?  I would much rather use a script to supply
> all the needed data. 
> I already have a script, that supplies all the needed data, but there
> seems to be some DOT file(?) that is in the zone client /root
> directory that starts up the sysidcfg info gathering.  Anyone know the
> name of this DOT file so that I can remove it with my script?


So are you following the procedure documented at 
?  (search for "sysidcfg")

You might have to give us more specific details otherwise.  If you're
saying that the sysidcfg file stuff isn't working right, that might be a
bug we need to address.


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