I'm a bit late getting in on this thread,
so basically each zone in /space will get duplicated, and the new zone will get upgraded, then in luactivate will get renamed, so say you have /space/zone1
lucreate will create a new zone
/space/lu-zone1 ( can't remember what the exact name it uses is )

then luactivate of the new BE  will rename lu-zone1 to zone1.

I guess if space is a consideration? then assuming the upgrade was to u6 ( or better still u7 ), once could detach the zone prior to upgrade, then upgrade just the global zone, and do an zoneadm update on attach of the zones once the global zone has upgraded.

NOTE: There are differences between standard upgrade and zone update on attach.


On 05/10/09 02:08, Elizabeth Schwartz wrote:
Thanks! I still feel like I'm missing two vital pieces of the puzzle.

First, for better or worse, the sparse zones were created with
separate /usr dirs, using the command:

zonecfg:zone_1> remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/usr

Also, I have four zones on one machine (and ten on another!) The four
zones are sharing one physical partition, named /space.  I don't have
enough free partitions to make one for each zone, and Solaris 10 u3
doesn't allow for ZFS roots so I can't use my ZFS SAN partition
(another reason to upgrade!)

So do I understand correctly that if all my zones live on /space, If I do:
lucreate -n newbe -m /space:/dev/dsk/whatver:/ufs

liveupgrade will duplicate /space in the new BE and use it for all of
the zones that live on /space?

And just to complicate matters, on the test server, /space is a heck
of a lot bigger than any other free partition.

Would this work if I lived dangerously, allow my alternate boot
environment to mount /space, and let it update the zones? Recognizing
that if the ugrade fails, my zones are toast and I have no rollback
(on this particular server, rebuilding the zones would be relatively

(I'm obviously going to learn a lot that I can use to redesign my next
generation of servers, but meanwhile I'm trying to drag this group
into this decade. And the irony is that, when this is all done, I'll
have a server I can use as a *proper* test server. And double irony,
I'll be at an OS release that'll let me use ZFS root file systems, but
I'm not there yet...)

thanks for your patience, this is all sort of an emergency because
I've got a production server crashing and Sun is insisting that it
needs an upgrade or bust - my original plan to do this over a 2-month
period and spend lots of time with a test server, is toast.
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