Menno Lageman wrote:
Cool stuff!

A couple of questions:

- it is stated that the minimum supported S10 release in a branded container is S10U8. What is the plan for migrating from S10 releases below U8? Will the update on attach feature be able to update pre-U8 systems and/or zones? Or should the source system/zones be upgraded to U8 first?

The current plan would be that you'd first upgrade the source system
to S10u8 or later before performing the p2v to a zone.  One future
project might be to patch the image up to the supported level as part
of the p2v process, similar to what 'update on attach' does.  However,
that would require some way to access all of the patches needed to
update the image.  That is different from what 'update on attach' does
since it can use the global zone as the source of the data for updating
the zone.  That obviously wouldn't work when the global zone is running, so we would need some other mechanism.  Given that, automatically
updating is not part of this initial project.

- can multiple versions of the Solaris 10 brand coexist? I.e if a future Solaris 10 version requires a newer version of the brand to run, will existing zones running an earlier Solaris version still run with their current required version of the brand? Or must they be upgraded in some way?

It wouldn't really be multiple versions of the brand.  The idea is that
any enhancements to the brand module will need to continue to support
all versions of S10 that are supported in the zone (i.e. S10u8 and beyond).
So, there may be conditional code in the brand module to determine
which KU is installed in a specific zone so that the emulation would
behave differently based on that.  Thats what we're trying to describe in the
'versioning' section of the spec.  If that seems confusing we can try
to clarify it.

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