gz wrote:
Double Yiekes!!.
All my customers use an SOE of sparce zones (With Solaris 10 of course) so if that is really the case it will be a problem for them to migrate to OpenSolaris if/when that becomes neccessary. Something like this could have serious concequences down the track and should be communicated to the field/customers real quick.

This has been discussed here previously.  What problems
will it cause for your customers migration?  The fact
that there is no upgrade from S10 to OpenSolaris seems
like it would be a bigger issue.  We're looking at the
solaris10 brand as one tool to aid with this, but of
course those zones would also have to be whole-root.
The solaris10 brand project does include support for
p2v and v2v tools.  Since the content of the next release
of Solaris is nowhere near being finalized yet, it is
premature to communicate anything to customers about what
the final release will look like.

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