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Steffen Weiberle wrote:
I have been doing all on Solaris next testing using Nevada, as all the tools I know work, and my understanding of installation and configuration applies to that as well as Solaris 10. Now I am playing with 2009.06 and some 'simple' things don't work as expected. I couldn't copy a sysidcfg file into <zonepath>/root/etc/ as that is no longer mounted after an install. The 'correct' operation is to detach a newly created zone, copy the file in, and attach. I was surprised how long the attach took! Scripts will definitely have to change.

This is tracked as:

3979 zone fs only available from Global zone, when zone is booted

You can ready the zone to workaround this for now.

Just tried that by first 'sys-unconfig' in the zone, and that was much faster!! That seems like a good intermediate step between install and boot on configuring a new zone.

I originally could only imagine the reason for not doing the mounts when the zone is not booted is to avoid a huge set of ZFS mounts for zones that are not running. However, I see three ZFS file systems for a zone, and this is without any Live Upgrade (beadm) operation. Two are legacy, so visible via 'zfs', yet not mounted. Now I guess this keeps the Solaris mount behavior similar to that in S10, only shows mounts for running zones (since zonepaths typically were within an existing UFS file system, and thus mountpoint).



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