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Steffen Weiberle wrote:
I originally could only imagine the reason for not doing the mounts when the zone is not booted is to avoid a huge set of ZFS mounts for zones that are not running. However, I see three ZFS file systems for a zone, and this is without any Live Upgrade (beadm) operation. Two are legacy, so visible via 'zfs', yet not mounted. Now I guess this keeps the Solaris mount behavior similar to that in S10, only shows mounts for running zones (since zonepaths typically were within an existing UFS file system, and thus mountpoint).

The reason that the zone's datasets are not mounted when the
zone is halted is that these mounts are currently managed
by the brand hooks.  The eventual goal is to enable software
management within the zone, just as you have in the global
zone.  That is, beadm should work, as should 'pkg image-update'.
Thus, we must determine the correct dataset to mount at zone
boot time.  We do not currently have a brand hook to enable us
mount the datasets when the system boots.  Thus, we have to
wait until the zone is first booted.  We could leave the dataset
mounted after you halt the zone but that might not be the
same dataset that will be mounted the next time the zone boots.
We need to add a bit more brand infrastructure for this plus
improve the existing hooks to make this cleaner.


Thanks, Jerry.

I can envision some of the benefits and the flexibility this allows.


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