Enda O'Connor wrote:
    d) This is complex, legacy code which is a hairball.
that is the mild way of putting it, this code is a tangle of scripts and some C code, it took a a lot of work to iron out the issues that the zones on zfs + sparc new boot features introduced in u6 prior to releasing u6, and some work after release as well.
This code is hard to maintain as is, unfortunately.

While this would probably be the best way to go, I feel that that pain might be unbearable for all involved. I'd suggest talking to Mark Musante to get his opinion of LU as he did a lot if not most of the zfs part of u6 LU integration.

Thanks Enda.  If we decide the LU path is the way to go,
then I'll definitely talk to Mark.

Thanks again,
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