ольга крыжановская writes:
> 2009/5/22 James Carlson <james.d.carl...@sun.com>:
> > If you're using S10 or SXCE, use "man zonecfg" and read the section on
> > "Whole Root Zones."
> The person who installed this machine did a rm -f -r /usr/share/man to
> conserve space. I am without manual pages and zonecfg does not support
> --man like the shell.

Wow.  He probably could have saved tons more space by applying "rm
-rf" to /usr/lib as well.

Man pages are a crucial part of the system, so I'd certainly recommend
recovering them if at all possible.

Furthermore, removing or altering files that are delivered by
packaging simply is not supported.  I don't see how what you're
describing could be considered a supportable or even a reasonable
administrative action.  It looks much more like vandalism, and (if it
were my system to manage) I'd treat it that way.

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