I have posted the current source for the solaris10
brand on the project page at:


This source is synced to ONNV b116.  Its a compressed
tar archive which you can unpack into an ONNV workspace
which has been synced to b116.  If anyone has any problems
with getting their workspace set up or built, let me
know.  We're syncing our project workspace up to ON
on their schedule so I'll be posting updated code every
two weeks.  I'm assuming people are most interested in
building this so that they can play around with it.
The current download is quite small, less than 100k.
If there is any interest, I could post pre-built SVr4 pkgs
so that people don't have to go through the trouble of
maintaining and building their own ON workspace.

If anyone is actually interested in participating more
fully in the project with actual development contributions,
let me know privately so we can work together on coordinating
the work and getting it integrated into the tree.  You would
also need a signed contributor agreement to do this.

Let me know if there are any questions or comments.

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